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Zandvliet Wine Estate offers consumers the opportunity to cellar purchased wine in the rediscovered Muscat tanks

Cellar your most recent investment in our rediscovered muscat tanks.
Cellaring includes
Receiving, handling and documentation.
Cataloguing and barcoding of full cases.
All wines stored require cataloguing for precise administration and tracking. A once-off cataloguing fee of R5 per wine type is billed when receiving mixed cases. A mixed case of 12 different wines will, for example, attract a once-off fee of R60.
Shipping to a destination of your choice (courier fees are not included).
Invitations to private events. 
Cellaring T & C’s 
Zandvliet requires 24 hours’ notice for access to reserves.
Payment is required on invoice.
Full payment is required on the withdrawal of all wines.
A minimum cellaring period of 6 months per contract unless otherwise agreed.
All wines require cataloguing and checking before being accepted into storage.
Wine withdrawals can only be ordered via email to tasting@Zandvliet.co.za
Wine withdrawals are available Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 5pm only.
Customers are required to enter into a binding agreement with Zandvliet at the commencement of cellaring.
6x 750ml bottles per annum – R80
Cataloguing fee per type of wine – R5
12x 750ml bottles per annum – R100
Cataloguing fee per type of wine – R5
Kindly note that courier fees are not included and can be quoted separately 
These tanks naturally provide high humidity and cool temperatures which are key to prolonged storage. Give your wine the best chance in bottle maturation and let us look after them.
Wine is a living liquid containing no preservatives. 
It’s life cycle comprises, youth, maturity, old age 
and death. When not treated with a reasonable 
respect it will sicken and die.
- Julia Childs