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2017 vintage of Life from Stone finally available


By Springfield Wines Estate
After being sold out for a a brief yet terrifying (if you ask us) month, we are finally ready to share this phenomenal vintage of our iconic Sauvignon Blanc with you. This vintage of Life from Stone is bursting with passion fruit and is a true teaser of the summer to come.
Many of you might not know of the time and care that goes in to each bottle of Life from Stone that we make. Our vines are rooted on the rockiest site on the estate, comprising of 70% quartz rock that made its way onto our farm from an ancient glacier shift many thousands of years ago.  We harvest everything at night, starting at 2am, when the temperature in the Robertson valley (in January, mind you!) is a mere 12 degrees Celsius. Our team works through the night, only to stop when the sun is fully risen. This way, our grapes stay cool and fresh, locking in those volatile aromas and protecting them from oxidisation. Within 20 minutes of being picked, our grapes are in our cellar in temperature controlled tanks.
We take our time when it comes to winemaking, as we believe that Time is the master vintner. Over the years, we have been working on adding more complexity to our Sauvignons by leaving them on the primary lees for 100 days - by doing so we are able to add texture and depth to the wine. Finally, after bottling, we need to let our wines rest and recover from the traumatic experience of running through a bottling line. This is commonly known as bottle shock and wine needs around 3 months (sometimes more!) of resting after bottling in order to recover its footing, to regroup and get used to its new environment.
Life from Stone is the more robust of our two Sauvignon Blancs, and is therefore always ready and raring to go sooner than the Special Cuvée. The Special Cuvée is the more feminine and elegant of the two, and takes a little bit longer to gather her thoughts in the bottle. Therefore we will only be releasing the Special Cuvée as well as the Miss Lucy white blend come September.
Trade customers can place their order with their sales representative or through the office by contacting 023 626 3661 or sending an email to info@springfieldestate.com