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CVC BAnner

Five Dewetshof Wines obtain CVC Status

Adapted from information obtained from De Wetshof Estate


De Wetshof's Wines’ Bateleur, The Site, Finesse, Limestone Hill Chardonnay, Bon Vallon Chardonnay and Riesling, have achieved Cape Vintner Classification (CVC) status. The CVC is a body aimed at elevating the image of South Africa's premier wines, and CVC status is accorded to wines that show a discernible legacy of excellence in terms of flavour profile and are made from site-specific vineyards. CVC classified wines are selected by a panel of tasters, and producers are audited to ensure their establishments match the rigorous standards required from an estate or wine farm wishing to be an ambassador for South Africa's reputation for vinous distinction. For more information on the CVC, see www.cvc1659.co.za.