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Rooiberg’s Red Jewel

red muscadel
The well-awarded Rooiberg Red Muscadel 2014 has clinched another award by garnering a gold medal at the 15th Muscadel SA Awards.
This wine excelled at the annual awards function held in Paarl, where the winners were named from 23 entries in this exclusive competition. Four platinum and four gold medals were awarded.
The Rooiberg Red Muscadel 2014 also boasts gold medals at the 2016 Veritas Awards, 2015 and 2016 Vitis Vinifera Awards and 2015 and 2016 Gold Wine Awards, as well as double gold at the 2016 National Wine Challenge (Top 100) and a coveted 4½ star rating (out of 5) in die 2017 Platter’s SA Wine Guide.
Various vintages have over the years contributed to the impressive reputation of these deep red dessert wines with their characteristic raisiny flavours and rich complexity.
Senior winemaker André Scriven who creates this liquid gold says, “It is important to harvest the grapes at the right moment to capture as much flavour as possible, but at the same time ensuring that they are not over-ripe.”
“The Red Muscadel grapes are pressed at a high sugar level to ensure full sweetness and capture the delightful raisiny flavours in the end-product. The grapes are brought to the cellar in one batch and are kept chilled in a rototank for optimum colour extraction and flavour.”
“No fermentation takes place in the production of red muscadel and the juice is separated from the skins after two days. The juice is then fortified by the addition of 96% A/V wine spirit to reach an alcohol level of 6 -16.5%.  Continuous stirring of the juice then takes place in order to integrate the juice and alcohol as soon as possible. The wine is then stabilised and filtered and kept in a stainless steel tank until bottling.”
Scriven emphasises that no fermentation whatsoever should be allowed. “The grapes are carefully monitored for two days after harvest. Yes, this could give a winemaker sleepless nights. But recognition like this makes it all worthwhile.”
“We are proud to help promote the image of this often neglected category by means of the Muscadel SA Awards,” said Scriven.
For more information, call André Scriven, Rooiberg Winery (023) 6261663 or visit www.rooiberg.co.za.